Extracts from Constitution
1. Name
  The name of the institute shall be ‘Antar Bharati Trust.’
2. Office
  The office of the institute shall be located at ‘Sadhana’ 430 Shaniwar, Poona 30, or, at any other place as may be decided from time to time by the trustees.
3. Aims & Objects
  Its aims and objects shall be as under:
(a) To promote and develop a spirit of mutual friendship, fraternity and unity among the people of the several constituent states of the Indian Republic.
(b) To make available facilities for the study of literature of the major current languages of the people in the Indian Republic.
(c) To provide for the teaching of the arts such as painting, sculpture, drama, dance, music etc. current in the Indian Republic.
(d) To bring together writers and artists from various states in India for fostering friendship among them, and
(e) To get together young men and women from different states in India for participation in the recon-struction of Integrated India. To organise work olientation camps towards this end, to enable them to get to know each other better and to provide family accommodation with people speaking languages other than their own, during holidays and festivals.
4. Programme
  For the purpose of fulfilling the ob¬jectives stated in article 3, the Trust will carry out the following:
(1) Establish Antar Bharati Centres in various states in India, where pro¬vision will be made for the study of literature and arts in various Indian languages and where experiments will be made for cultural understanding.
(2) Establish schools and libraries, organise lecture series, translate existing books and compile new ones and publish the same.
(3) Take Indian writers and artists to different states, where they will be introduced to their counterparts, and where they will deliver lectures.
(4) Provide scholarships and prizes to selected scholars for the study of language, literature and arts in various states.
(5) Secure help and co-operation in this undertaking from the Govern-ment of India, the State Govern¬ments, Universities, Literaries, Cul¬tural and Educational institutions and associations and the newspapers.
(6) Undertake all such necessary and desirable activities in furtherance of the above objectives of the Trust.
5. Administration
  The work of the institute, in accordance with its rules and regulations, has been entrusted to a Board of Trustees. Its members are as under:
(1) Acharya S. R. Bhise,
(2) Shri S. M. Joshi,
(3) Dr. P. V. Mandlik,
(4) M. Harris.
Shri Yadunath Thatte acts as Secretary of the Trust.
About Shri Pandurang Sadashiv Sane
vasudevimgSane Guruji, the founder of Antar Bharti did cast a bridge across the cultures, catching the range and movement of the world.
Lifespan:- 24December,1899-11June,1950
About Antar Bharati Trust
ANTAR BHARTI was the dream of that great patriot, scholar and writer of Maharastra, the late Shri Padurang Sadashiv Sane, known throughtout Maharastra as Sane Guruji. In a number of articles from 15th August 1948 onwards he explained to his countrymen the dream of Antar Bharti...
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